CES 2012 Final Thoughts: Cars, Celebrities, Olympics, oh my!

In eleven months, Las Vegas will again be host to this madness. And like this year's show, it will evolve as technology advances. Notably absent will be Microsoft, who will not be attending the show in spite of a much anticipated Windows 8 release this year. Their floor space was sold to other manufacturers within hours of becoming available, testament to the continuued marketing power of the CES, which was questioned over the last few years. Manufacturers will again jockey for supremacy of their various domains.
CES 2012 Samsung Series 9 Laptop
Thinner than Air?

CES 2012 for Photographers and Videographers

It will be a big year for Nikon and Canon, as they both introduce full frame HD Video-capable DSLRs. Nikon has already announced their D4 and D800 camera bodies. Canon has responded by announcing their 1DX, and the Canon Rumors site has indicated that another big product announcement may follow on February 28th.

Nikon D4 CES 2012
Hey, the D4 is nice, but don't walk away: there's a security guard right behind you!

CES 2012 High End Audio

Las Vegas Venetian CES 2012

Welcome back for my second post recapping CES 2012. One venue not to miss was the Venetian Hotel, and not only for its Euro kitsch: obvious tourists included!

Three floors of the hotel were completely devoted to high-end audio products. Over one hundred vendors previewed the finest in amplifier and speaker technology. As a CES attendee, the key is to get to the elevators in the early morning, before the crush of the main crowds.

The world is constantly changing, even in an industry traditionally governed by physics, where great sounds can usually only come from heavy speakers.

Even the purists are bending the rules to conform to an ever more digital world. This year is a breakout year for a relatively new type of product: the music server. Despite its questionable audio pedigree, mp3 files will vie with SACDs for high end audio source material.

Welcome to CES 2012!

There is no better way to start off this blog: The 2012 Consumer Electronics Show concluded last month in Las Vegas. For those of us in LA, it was a short drive to reach this legendary international conference. For even seasoned attendees, this year's CES was an incredible event. Manufacturers seem to have awakened from a recession-induced slumber, and are now ready to peddle some very innovative new products to a clearly receptive crowd of retail buyers and admirers over 150,000 strong. 

CES 2012
Welcome to the show!