CES 2012 Final Thoughts: Cars, Celebrities, Olympics, oh my!

In eleven months, Las Vegas will again be host to this madness. And like this year's show, it will evolve as technology advances. Notably absent will be Microsoft, who will not be attending the show in spite of a much anticipated Windows 8 release this year. Their floor space was sold to other manufacturers within hours of becoming available, testament to the continuued marketing power of the CES, which was questioned over the last few years. Manufacturers will again jockey for supremacy of their various domains.
CES 2012 Samsung Series 9 Laptop
Thinner than Air?

Yes, there will most likely be a new set of customized cars to wow the boys. Here is a bevy that were displayed in the automotive electronics section of the show.

CES 2012 Audi Urban Concept
With gas in LA approaching $5/gallon, this concept will be in demand.
CES 2012 Kenwood Lamborghini
We can all dream...

CES 2012 Monster Audi R8 Chrome
So shiny. Lots of fingerprints!

CES 2012 Kia Disco
Personal mobile disco, complete with shag!

 CES vendors are certainly attuned to upcoming marketing opportunities. There is a reason why both Nikon and Canon were in a hurry to get their newest high-end photography gear on the market this spring. Here, Nikon provides a photo opportunity for attendees. 

 Panasonic took notice as well, and they weren't shy about their sponsorship of the London Olympics to be held this summer, which will no doubt generate another set of timeless images and videos of human achievement.

Next year, there should be opportunities for photos with some of your favorite celebrities too. Everyone wants to increase their public profiles with guest appearances at the show. Witness this photo op by a very popular trio of Penske drivers.
CES 2012 Helio Castroneves, Ryan Briscoe, Will Power
Team Penske: they were available for photos and autographs with attendees. Awesome!

 I hope that I've provided you with a unique aspect of the highlights of CES 2012. Like everyone else, I only experienced a fraction of what was on display, and I can't wait until CES 2013. Until then, I will reminisce about the great food, the great products, and the kitsch! Viva CES!

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