CES 2012 for Photographers and Videographers

It will be a big year for Nikon and Canon, as they both introduce full frame HD Video-capable DSLRs. Nikon has already announced their D4 and D800 camera bodies. Canon has responded by announcing their 1DX, and the Canon Rumors site has indicated that another big product announcement may follow on February 28th.

Nikon D4 CES 2012
Hey, the D4 is nice, but don't walk away: there's a security guard right behind you!

Soon, every photographer with a decent set of lenses will be able to make a serious splash the world of video. Not to worry, videographers: Canon has you covered. You can always upgrade to their recently released C300 video unit, which will offer a true cinematographer's edge.

Canon C300 CES 2012
Body: 20K. Lens: 60K.
Once you've produced your beautiful videos, where will you watch them? On your new superthin 75-inch Samsung LED display, of course!

Samsung Series 8 75-inch TV CES 2012

Or perhaps a high-contrast OLED screen....

Samsung OLED TV CES 2012

If you are really fortunate, you may be able to afford the new Sony 4K projector, which is available now for custom home installations. Sony was kind enough to give audiences a taste of this remarkable piece of equipment in a small theater space. The preview for this summer's Amazing Spiderman movie gave me the sensation of flying through the city, and was more realistic than anything I'd ever seen before. Well, at least until I saw this display from Sharp: the future of video and photography looks very bright indeed!

8K LED TV CES 2012

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