Welcome to CES 2012!

There is no better way to start off this blog: The 2012 Consumer Electronics Show concluded last month in Las Vegas. For those of us in LA, it was a short drive to reach this legendary international conference. For even seasoned attendees, this year's CES was an incredible event. Manufacturers seem to have awakened from a recession-induced slumber, and are now ready to peddle some very innovative new products to a clearly receptive crowd of retail buyers and admirers over 150,000 strong. 

CES 2012
Welcome to the show!

With strong support from celebrities, this year's show was also an outstanding entertainment spectacle, marked by appearances by Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, and even the omnipresent Snooki.
Snooki CES 2012
Can you spot Snooki?

Most sites will talk about the products that will sell by the millions: TVs, cell phones, and the new-fangled ultra-light notebooks. Interesting as they may be, the sheer diversity of new products coming to market this year included some very high dollar shiny items that drew the lion's share of my attention, including this interesting little tricycle.
Massive T-Rex CES 2012
I think I want one!
There was so much to see, so many manufacturers to talk to about products and the market in general, that I could not do the show any justice with just one post. Let me begin with a few photos to give you a sense of the excitement. Stay tuned to get a taste of things to come in 2012!
Las Vegas Caesar's Palace Chinese New Year 2012
Year of the Dragon, baby!

Las Vegas Strip CES 2012
Are you ready for 2012 technology, Las Vegas?

Intel CES 2012
A small percentage of humanity milling outside the Intel booth.

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