Natural Products Expo West: Sustainable Organic Products for a Better Future

Fitness guru Jack LaLanne was famous for many quotes. One was, "If man makes it, don't eat it." You, the technology-savvy crowd, my fans, do not always have the luxury to give such careful forethought to diet in a world where one must keep up with the pace of Twitter feeds, and ready-made foods are so easily accessible. Help is on the way!

One of the largest exhibitions showcasing innovations in healthy living just concluded in Anaheim this weekend. The annual Natural Products Expo West convention is closed to the general public, but was very well attended by international manufacturers, distributors and other members of the natural products ecosystem. I am fortunate to be able to attend every year, and as always, it was very educational.

Natural Products Expo West: the Mecca for Natural and Organic Products

We must advance our personal lives as much as our professional lives. We have to be conscious of what products we use, and especially the food we put into our bodies so we can make good dietary decisions. By doing so, we can actually help ourselves become more energetic, more creative in the moment, and ultimately more successful at everything we do.

The focus of the convention is to promote the latest products in healthy food, healthy personal care, and healthy living.

If you must eat Gelato, make it Fat-Free!

The large attendance numbers reflect the increased public interest in products that are sourced from high-quality ingredients, produced responsibly, and made by companies who tailor their production technologies and business practices to help address environmental issues such as resource sustainability, use of recycled materials, and humane treatment of livestock.

So much to learn about tuna: wild, hook and line caught, certified sustainable fisheries, BPA-free packaging!

What great new healthy living products can we expect to see this coming year? Many natural juices will be introduced in 2012: I am drinking a USDA-certified organic coconut juice as a write this posting! You will see new energy drinks infused with Acai berries. You will see gluten-free products ranging from cookies to chips made of rice. New children's toys made from 100% recycled materials.

Gluten-free is the trend this year. The habanero chips are HOT!

Readers, the next time you shop for groceries, think healthy. And if you care for a cause, look for products with labels that support the non-profit organizations helping to certify products that are good for you and for our environment. Here are a few excellent organizations that attended the conference, and may interest you.
To support the production of genetically unmodified foods, buy products certified by the Non-GMO Project

To support the humane treatment of animal livestock, look for the Certified Humane label.

To support the global environment and working conditions abroad, look for the Fair Trade label.

Did you atttend the conference? Do you know of other non-profits worth knowing about in the organic industry?

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