New Apple iPad First Impressions: Retina Display is Brilliant

Well, what to do while waiting for the 2012 MacBook Pros? Why not buy the new Apple iPad? My itch to buy a new gadget got the best of me last weekend while I was browsing at the Pasadena Apple store. I was very tempted to buy a MacBook Air. However,the new iPad had something that no other computing device has: the high-resolution Retina display. I was sold!

As a part-time photographer, I couldn't wait to see my most prized photos in a Retina display. I was in for a treat: every photo must be viewed with the new iPad, as the high dynamic range and sharpness will make you feel like you are seeing them for the first time again.

So, the $1000 question is, which variant did I buy? I plan to download apps galore, and probably store a few photo portfolios as well. Despite knowing that a 64GB SD card is less than $100, I decided on a 64GB model. The 4G LTE is a nice option, but I opted not to purchase it since every coffee shop in LA has wifi access, which suits me perfectly.

I plan to spend a lot of time with the iPad over the next few weeks, and I will share the highlights with you in upcoming posts. If you have questions about the iPad, feel free to leave a comment, which I will promptly answer. And yes, this entire post was written using the iPad!

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