New Apple iPad to PC File Transfers: 3 Easy Ways

As mentioned in my previous posting, my first major task with my new iPad was going to be transferring photos from my PC to my iPad. I am sure that that there are many ways to accomplish this task. I have already found three easy ways.

1. Apple iCloud

I was most interested in finding an Apple-centric solution to be better acquainted with the Mac ecosystem. The new iPad has iCloud functionality built into version 5.1 of the iOS. You can download Apple iCloud for Windows here. I installed this on my Windows workstation, but there are a couple of extra steps not described by the Apple instructions.

First, the installation did not place a shortcut on my desktop, nor did it add any programs to my start menu. I had to run a search on my hard drive for the installation, and create my own desktop shortcut icon to my iCloud installation.

The other small problem I experienced was with Photostream. I set up two folders on my computer: one for Photostream uploads to the iCloud, and another for Photostream downloads. I then put photos into my upload folder: and....nothing. I restarted the iCloud program on my PC, doublechecked my folders setup, but still no luck. As a final resort, I restarted my PC. Voila! My first images appeared in the iCloud. More importantly, they became available for viewing from my iPad's photo application. Mission accomplished!

Manhattan Beach is Cloudy
iPad to PC file transfers are cloudy but fun!


Dropbox is rapidly becoming a major cloud alternative to Apple's own iCloud. Dropbox provides 5GB of free space for any user to store anything in online storage. I mention it because it seems that many iPad developers are using Dropbox as the default save location their iPad applications. I downloaded the Dropbox for Windows application here, signed up for my free space, and now I have another cloud to use in the internet sky. I tested it by editing a plaintext document from my iPad using the PlainText app. I was able to see synchronized changes from my PC within seconds. Pretty cool!

3. Apple iTunes

I stumbled upon this one by accident. I noticed that the iCloud Settings were not available on my iPad 2. On the Apple forums, I discovered that I could upgrade the iOS from v4.x to v5.1 for free. I had to install Apple iTunes on my PC first, then connect my PC to my iPad 2 using the USB cable that comes with the iPad. The iTunes software then led me through the upgrade process, which was quite easy. At the end of the process, I could now sync iTunes, another cloud storage area, with media that I purchased at the iTunes store onto both of my iPads using my PC.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful. Let me know if you find other easy ways to sync your new iPad with your PC. I am all about becoming more efficient and proficient with technology.

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