The Rose Bowl Flea: New Life for Old Technology

The Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena is known nationally for hosting one of the four annual college football games that determine the national champions. This hallowed sports arena also hosts an unlikely event that is well-known to Southern California locals. On the second Sunday of every month, thousands of bargain hunters pack the parking lots of the Rose Bowl hoping to find unique items for home or wardrobe at the largest flea market in California. This link provides details for attending the Rose Bowl Flea Market. This market is a definite must-see for visitors!

Rose Bowl Flea
Sunday Morning at the Flea

The Freshest Seafood in LA is at Redondo Beach Pier!

If you're like me, then healthy food is an important part of your life, taking up substantially more of your time and budget than the average person. Some of the best and tastiest sources of low-fat heathy food comes from the sea. Unfortunately, much of the seafood that makes it to market is often not very fresh. If you live in the LA area, save yourselves the anxiety of questioning the provenance of your next crab or oyster, and pay a visit to Quality Seafood. Be prepared to take some time to walk past the shops and restaurants on the pier, which provide a relaxing and scenic backdrop for your market trip. Here are some highlights from my trip there last week.

Redondo Beach Pier
Another beautiful day by the sea.