The Rose Bowl Flea: New Life for Old Technology

The Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena is known nationally for hosting one of the four annual college football games that determine the national champions. This hallowed sports arena also hosts an unlikely event that is well-known to Southern California locals. On the second Sunday of every month, thousands of bargain hunters pack the parking lots of the Rose Bowl hoping to find unique items for home or wardrobe at the largest flea market in California. This link provides details for attending the Rose Bowl Flea Market. This market is a definite must-see for visitors!

Rose Bowl Flea
Sunday Morning at the Flea

Looking to replace lost technology items that you cherished in days of yore? There are items for sale here that I am quite sure cannot be purchased anywhere else. For photography fanatics and camera collectors, there are many vendors selling film cameras as well as lenses with mounts that just might fit today's DSLRs.

Rose Bowl Flea Old Cameras
Have you heard of these brands? Argos? Petri? Ansco?

Ham and CB radios were popular... I don't know when, but you can still find them! Here's an old transmitter.
Rose Bowl Ham Transmitter
Lots of items on this table are obsolete: hammies, I am referring to the ashtrays and bookends!

Did you ever own a Trans Am, Firebird or a plain old Buick Behemoth? I think the stereos in them used to look like this 8-track stack.
Car stereo time machine!

Some items on sale are just darned cool because you can be sure that no one else has one, and it will definitely start a conversation when your friends see it in your house.
What would your friends ask if they saw a payphone hanging on the wall?

Rose Bowl Vacuum Kiln
Everyone needs a vacuum kiln. Comes with the glass bubble.

Did I buy anything at the market? I couldn't leave without a souvenir, so I talked a vendor into selling me a beat-up pair of old binoculars for a mere $12. Have I used them? Hardly. I found out later that the lenses were poorly collimated, which causes viewers to see two of everything within the field of view. Oh well. We all know that it is difficult to ever get more than what we pay for: when walking through the Rose Bowl flea, we optimistically forget practicality as we participate in the frenzy with others, bidding to buy back pieces of our past. What did you buy?

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