Canon 5D Mark III: Superb Image Resolution

The Canon 5D Mark III is now a well-stocked item at most major retailers, which was not the case until just a few weeks ago.  The problems found in early production batches have been ironed out. I was hoping that this camera could provide a refreshing boost over the quality of images produced by my venerable but aging stable of cameras. In my next few posts, I will discuss my impressions of the various features of this camera. As always, I'd like to know what you think of this camera too.

The feature that most intrigued me about this camera was the 22 megapixel sensor: I was very anxious to take photos of some complex scenes and and analyze the details produced by this camera. Here, I have selected three images from my first few outings. They are all handhelds, and the camera settings were not necessarily optimized for maximizing resolving power. There is much to learn about the complex but powerful autofocus system of the Canon 5D Mark III. Nevertheless, I have found the image resolution to be AMAZING!

Photo 1: Taken from the Manhattan Beach Pier just last weekend. The time of day was unfortunately somewhere close to 1pm, hence the flatness of the image. Nevertheless, mission accomplished.

Canon 5D Mark III Manhattan Beach Lifeguard Station
Canon 5D Mark III, 1/800 Sec at f/5.6, ISO 100, 200mm

Photo 1 Crop: Notice the superb details due to the high pixel count of the camera sensor, which basically provides an effective zoom extension. Not sure what caption to use. In any case, this was a hit with the ladies who saw it!

Canon 5D Mark III Manhattan Beach Lifeguards
Hello, girls!

Photo 2: This photo of a pumpkin flower blossom was taken early in the morning, the only time they are open for pollination.

Canon 5D Mark III Pumpkin Blossom
Canon 5D Mark III,, 1/125 Sec at f/8, ISO 100, 200mm

Photo 2 Crop: The detail is so fine that you can count the pollen particles and the filamentary structure of the flower petals.

Canon 5D Mark III Pumpkin Blossom
Early morning pumpkin blossom.
Photo 3: Another early morning photo, this one taken in a local park. Everything in Southern California seems to bloom in July, adding color to every outdoor scene.

Canon 5D Mark III Bouganvillea
Canon 5D Mark III, 1/200 Sec at f/2.8, 180mm
Photo 3 Crop: Probably a preview for a future blog: the Mark III's fast focusing system caught this hummingbird in the center of the image in midflight, with open wings lit by the morning sun.

Canon 5D Mark III Hummingbird in Flight
One word: Wow!

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