Top 10 Museum Photography Tips

Museums house some of the most beautiful works of art and artifacts known to the world. Travelers make museums the first stop on their itineraries. Unfortunately, many museum photos do not quite capture the essence of their subjects.
I have taken home more than my fair share of blurry and forgettable museum photos. Using my recent trip to the LA County Museum of Art (LACMA) as inspiration, I want to provide specific tips to help fellow photographers and museum enthusiasts capture memories that they can cherish and share. Some of you are more advanced than I am, and I welcome your comments and suggestions for better museum shooting techniques. Here we go!

 Have a plan: know what you want to see!

Not all museums allow photography, some private collections are for viewing only, and I don't believe that any museum permits flash or tripod-assisted photography, so plan ahead. And if there is a certain piece of art that is on your bucket list, make it your priority, because time passes quickly in a museum. For example, you may not get very many chances to see the Mona Lisa, or the LACMA's recently acquired Levitated Mass.

Levitated Mass: 340 Tons of art.